Let me be the first to say that cutting ties with procrastination is literally like ending a relationship — you know that you don’t need it yet it’s hard to break away.

I’ll admit it…I am a former serial procrastinator. I’d put things off until hours before a deadline. I felt that as long as the tasks were completed, it didn’t matter how stressed I was trying to beat the deadline. I’d ace my tests, I was praised for my efforts, but I was pulling my hair out strand by strand (figurately speaking — kinda)

After a while, the procrastination caused me to miss deadlines. Whatever deadlines I did hit, the results weren’t “Dana Reese” material. I was allowing grief to settle into my life and procrastination was the culprit.

Time chunking and time management techniques were great, but they were temporary. At the time, I didn’t understand that the issue was that I wasn’t getting to the root of the problem.

After years of coping with the stress that my last-minute lifestyle produced, I decided that I finally had enough.

It was time to break up with procrastination.

During the breakup, I learned that the distractions that I thought I needed to incorporate into my day were actually the gas that was being used to fuel the fire of my procrastination.

I paid attention to the pain they caused me instead of only the temporary immediate pleasure that it offered to me. I envisioned the person that I wanted to be and the life I want to live and made a vision board to remind me of her. Eventually, the urges attacked me but this time, I was ready; I was able to fight the desires to run back to the comfort that these petty distractions provided for me.

In my journey, I realized that being uncomfortable in my growth wasn’t as bad that I thought — that the best things happen when I’m in a state of discomfort. I realized that I didn’t need the comfort that my distractions provided for me.

To my surprise, after years of living in a state of procrastination, I was finally able to break the chains that my distractions kept me bound in. One step at a time, I became the person that I wanted to be.

I’m still a work-in-progress. I find myself running late occasionally (hey, I have two kids…it happens) and yes, I do have the occasional slip-up when it comes to falling victim to a distraction (but I snap out of it fairly quickly), but I’m no longer that serial procrastinator and ahhh…life is so much better this way!

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