Can I be transparent with you?

For the past five days, I’ve been super sick. My heat has been on 82 degrees and I’ve been sweating like crazy in my hoodie, sweatpants, winter hat, and socks.

…and still, I haven’t taken a break from my business.

Truth is, entrepreneurship can be a bit of an obsession. I used to struggle with flicking the “off” switch at the end of the day. As much as I tried to convince myself that it’s because I have a ton of energy left in me with nothing better to do, that simply wasn’t the case.

I felt as though enough was never enough.

Even after the laptop closed, my mind didn’t — I’d literally open up my binder and start mapping out things that weren’t even urgent at 11 pm EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

I was obsessed with being an entrepr—-sorry…a SOLOPRENEUR.

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is that self-care is not just important…it’s necessary. I did walk away from the corporate sector to discover time freedom; however, as a virtual assistant, I was delivering that delicacy to my clients at my (and my family’s) expense.

I’ve gotten a lot better but I still battle with this from time to time.

Case #81: Being down with the flu since Christmas without taking ONE day off. Not only did I work through the weekend (which I hardly EVER do), I also forced myself to work my full set of hours.


Dana to Dana: Girl, you know better.

Also Dana to Dana: You’re taking the day off tomorrow to knock this sickness out of your system.

I’m not an expert at this (YET) but allow me to share some ways that I’ve found to sneak in some self-care.

Schedule A Wellness Day – Don’t wait until vacation time. Schedule a day (literally, add it to your calendar) to get a massage, enjoy a lunch date outside of the home, and lounge around the house with a glass of wine, a plate of cookies, or an Xbox controller nearby — whatever keeps you in your happy place.

Adjust your Schedule – We’re all guilty over overbooking and cheating ourselves out of breaks. Extend your breaks between scheduled calls and meetings so that you have more time to be productive, minus the stress.

Reading – Simply put: pleasure-reading allows you to temporarily travel from reality to whatever you’re reading. If you’re not a reader, try listening to audiobooks or turning on the TV for a while.

Avoiding Email and Phone Calls – Ok, maybe not for the whole day but even limiting email and phone time to a designated chunk of hours during the day can open up a lot of time and energy elsewhere.

Final thoughts:

Taking care of your business is mandatory if you’re looking to thrive.

So is taking care of your self. How can you expect to pour when you’re half empty.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to this break.

Do you suffer from “entrepreneurial obsession”? Comment below!