Tell me more about your business

Things have been pretty steady within your business. You have some clients, thanks to
referrals and social media. The investments that you’ve made in your branding and business
thus far hasn’t gone to waste. 

Not to mention that you’re proud of yourself because you’ve proven your naysayers that yes, you can operate a business that brings in money month
after month.

There’s just one problem: Business is just…well, STEADY.

You know that you deliver services to clients that are ultimately pleased and your existing
clients love you but you haven’t had a discovery call or an onboarding client in quite a while.
That’s where I come in.

Meet Dana...

My name is Dana Reese and I am the CEO of The Buddy Effect and an email marketing
specialist. I work with service providers who are stressed from wearing too many hats. I
provide email marketing strategies that will attract prospects and convert them into profitable

By working closely with you to learn your brand and your business, I am able to create email
marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to you so that you can grow your email and
client list while spending less time working within your business.

If that sounds like you or someone that you know, I’d love to connect and see how we can
work together to increase the level of email automation within your business. I’d prefer that
you spend less time making more money (and I’m sure that sounds pretty enticing to you,

Let's get to work

The Cheat Sheet

I will take a deep dive into your current processes, clean up the loose ends with your email list, and get the ball rolling with one effective email sequence. This is the perfect package for someone that wants a more hands-on approach to their email marketing.

The Blueprint

If you’re looking for automation, I’m your girl. Not only will I ensure that your subscriber list is prepped and ready, I will create a sequence that will do the heavy lifting for you…just sit back and reap the benefits!

The Master Plan

Congrats, your brand is on its way to the next level. This total package has your covered from start to finish. From automated sequences that convert to custom offerings to lure your prospects in, this one is the moneymaker!

Let’s Stay Connected

Need tips on automating your business? Join my email list and be apart of the tribe.


Before Dana came aboard, I didn’t understand why my prospects were not buying. The website traffic and email list was there, but my sales were plummeting. It wasn’t until Dana created a solid and efficient email strategy that I saw an immediate increase in sales. She is a lifesaver!
Ashlee Turner
CEO of LoveleeBride
Top service! Very reliable and of the utmost professionalism. I was very nervous to outsource my communication with clients because I pride myself on top service and quick responsiveness. However, I have been very pleased with her performance. I highly recommend.
Ebe Osaigbovo
CPA and CEO of SWM Planning
I LOVE THE EXCELLENT SERVICE. Her funnels and strategies have definitely made a difference in my business. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE her services AND REFER OTHERS.

Tee Smith,
Motivational Speaker and Founder of Momentum Academy